Best Software to Check Plagiarism

There are several different software available to detect plagiarism. The following are just some of the options that you can consider. Each of these options has their own advantages and disadvantages. Using one of them can save you a lot of time. It can also ensure that the content you create is 100% unique. So, which of these software should you use? Listed below are some tips to make the right choice. Hopefully, you’ll find one that’s right for your needs.


While there are many free plagiarism detection programs on the Internet, QuillBot’s premium version offers more advanced features, including a powerful built-in thesaurus that makes your documents sound like they were written by you. The thesaurus works by suggesting similar words or synonyms based on their relevancy to your work. In addition to finding plagiarism, Quillbot also offers a plagiarism score that tells you how similar your text is to other sources.

The user interface is easy to navigate, and QuillBot offers one-click fixes for all errors. It can be installed as an extension on Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Chrome. The tool can detect copied text and highlight it as duplicate content, replacing it with synonyms. The interface is simple and intuitive, making QuillBot the best software to check plagiarism. However, if you are a student, you may want to consider another product.

Quillbot offers a powerful co-writing feature that combines AI-powered paraphrasing capabilities with note-taking and AI-assisted autocomplete. The tool can even generate sentences based on what you type in. Moreover, Quillbot’s paraphrasing feature will encourage creativity without taking control of your writing. Once installed, Quillbot will be free and available to use in the fall of 2013.


One of the best ways to check for plagiarism on a website or in an article is to use PrePostSEO software. This tool uses the Google Chrome Extension to detect duplicate content online. It is available on both Windows PCs and Mac laptops. Its ease of use is a big advantage when comparing two pieces of content. It is also available for various file types. This plagiarism detection software is designed to avoid piracy and respect your intellectual property.

It has a dedicated mobile app, which can be used to perform checks on documents while on the go. Its plagiarism checker is a favorite among professional and academic writers alike, as it has an extensive fisherman feature. It also has options to copy and import your content, and allows you to select up to five languages. You can even exclude quotations and URLs. Once you’ve used the software to check plagiarism, you can then take action to ensure your content is free of plagiarism.


While there are many different types of software for checking plagiarism, BibMe is considered the best choice for students who are looking to avoid plagiarism and cite correctly. This plagiarism checker uses citation styles, not just a single citation format. The BibMe plagiarism checker makes citing your sources easy and straightforward. You can also use BibMe to help you write your citations correctly.

BibMe offers a free trial and premium service. The premium version costs $9.99 per month and includes five plagiarism checks a month. It also includes checks on books, internet sources, and journal article abstracts. The program does not check the content of the articles or other documents, though. BibMe is available for free, and you can use it up to 10 times a month.

BibMe is easy to use and does a great job of highlighting duplicate content. The best part is that it allows you to schedule a check on your paper for up to 2,500 words for free. You can then get feedback from writing experts within 48 hours. Feedback from writing experts is always focused on improving the quality of the content. The Bibme Plus Plagiarism Tool can also detect unintentionally plagiarised passages and offer real-time suggestions.


If you’re looking for a good plagiarism detection tool that’s free and doesn’t cost a fortune, you’ve probably heard about Plagium. This tool breaks up text into snippets and compares them against its database. It scores matches based on a score scale. While it’s not as accurate as the major search engines, it’s an excellent choice for many students, writers, and even professionals.

The Plagium website allows users to paste in a small part of the original text, which should not exceed 250 characters. After logging in, the software will perform a plagiarism check against more than 24 billion web pages, 300 million student papers, and 110,000 publications. The free version allows users to check 500 words for plagiarism, while the paid version allows for unlimited searches. This free software is also available for students. The software checks the original text against over one billion documents across the internet and can find 100% plagiarism.

For more advanced features, Plagium also offers paid plans. There are two options for paying for the service: the free version has 287 searches per month, while the premium version allows users to perform 349 searches per month. The paid versions offer a wide range of features, including unlimited searches and unlimited search queries. With the free version, you can check plagiarism online of only certain words, and search for a limited amount of text. The premium version allows you to set up unlimited searches, but comes with a limit on the number of characters and searches per page.


A student who uses Turnitin software to check plagiarism can easily obtain a report that identifies the amount of plagiarism in an essay. The software stores essays in a database that includes information from the Internet, including commercial and copyrighted pages. The student can select which types of information to exclude from the plagiarism report. In addition to identifying plagiarism, the software allows the student to exclude quotes, references, and bibliographies from the text.

Once the student has finished submitting an assignment to Turnitin, the results will appear on a page that shows how many times the piece is plagiarized. The software highlights where content is copied and highlights the sources that it was taken from. In addition, students can see how many different parts of an essay are similar and whether they are actually plagiarized or not. Then, the student can decide whether to revise the assignment to make it more original.

Although Turnitin does not detect actual plagiarism, it is useful in creating a report of similarity. The program uses an algorithm that matches student assignments to other written work online, in student papers, and in journals. In order to successfully use the software, it is important for students to understand how to interpret the reports they receive from Turnitin. Many leading universities, including several members of the Group of Eight, use Turnitin to check plagiarism.


If you want to avoid the hassle of citing sources and finding duplicate content, you should use Quetext. Its free version allows you to check up to 5 pages and 5000 words per search. If you need more content checked, you should pay for the premium version. The free version does not allow you to export your plagiarism report to PDF or save it to a file. However, the premium version allows you to exclude certain sources from your searches, which means that they will not be compared to your content for duplicate content proof.

It has two subscription plans, a free and pro one. The free version lets you scan up to 500 words to identify problematic matches. The paid version unlocks more features and searches larger amounts of text at once. Quetext has the ability to detect complex plagiarism thanks to its massive database of text-based documents. The software uses DeepSearch technology and has a database of millions of texts. The results are not only accurate, but also reliable.

Enago Plagiarism Checker

If you want to ensure the originality of your manuscript, then you should use Enago’s plagiarism checker. Its algorithms detect plagiarism from up to 90 billion web pages. If you’re a student or a teacher, Enago can help you prevent plagiarism by showing you the most obvious areas in your writing. Besides, the tool is simple to use and it also offers various features, such as AI-based grammar check and tracked changes file.

The Enago plagiarism checker is suitable for both academic papers and other formal writing. It instantly identifies and corrects any examples of plagiarism. It also removes fragmentation and improves readability scores. It can even help students improve their grammar and sentence structure. As a result, it’s great for both teachers and students. But what makes it so good? Here are some reasons why Enago is the best choice.

The tool is ideal for students, educators, and editors. Its plagiarism report gives users an accurate score and allows them to edit the content and submit it as a legitimate research paper. Its premium version comes with additional features that make it worth paying for. It’s used by over 1700 publishers worldwide. You can try it out today for free. Once you’ve used it, you’ll love how useful it is.


The free version of Copyscape allows you to run a simple search on any page to see if someone has copied your content. But to get detailed reports, you need to upgrade to the premium version. The premium version requires that you add credit to your account. Once you’ve paid for it, the software checks any copied content for 3 cents per word up to 200 words and then charges 1 cent per additional hundred words. There are also paid products available, like Copysentry, which can alert you to a particular piece of content being copied.

Plagscan detects plagiarism in academic writing with great speed. Its deep search technology compares your work with billions of sources and highlights exact, near-exact and fuzzy matches. You can fix these mistakes by rewriting or deleting the duplicate text. For APA and MLA citations, Quetext also features a Cite Source feature. It also offers a plagiarism report that is easy to read.