Best Tools For Content Writers

There are several tools that are indispensable to a content writer. Grammarly, StackEdit, InLinks, CoSchedule, and the like are all indispensable for any writer. But which ones are worth investing in? Let’s look at each one separately. Which ones should a content writer invest in? Here are some useful tools to get started with. Besides the standard writing tools, these apps are essential for online writers as well.


The grammar checker is a valuable tool for writers. Grammarly identifies errors and makes suggestions that improve the quality of the content. Its content strategy includes correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. You can import and edit documents using Grammarly or view them in a normal document format. The tool allows you to customize settings for content domain, target audience, and formality. It overcorrects passive voice phrases, but you can turn these off.

Another helpful feature of Grammarly is the Cliche Finder. This tool highlights common cliches in your writing, and helps you get rid of them. The Cliche Finder is especially helpful for Medium writers. You can download the free Chrome version of Cliche Finder and test it out for seven days for free. Grammarly offers a seven-day trial, so you can test it out before making a decision.

A free version of Grammarly checks for spelling and grammar mistakes, and is available for PC and Mac users. You can integrate the tool into your content creation tools, such as Microsoft Word, to avoid costly mistakes. Its premium version unlocks additional productivity tools. If you are writing for a client or company, this tool will give you peace of mind. This tool can also save you time and money. The best part about Grammarly is that it’s easy to use and doesn’t take up much of your time.


StackEdit is one of the best tools for content writers today, and there are many reasons why. It has powerful features that can make your writing easier, including spell check and plagiarism detection. StackEdit is also a great way to preview your content before posting it. It can even integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing you to save your work directly to your cloud storage. StackEdit also allows you to write UML diagrams and insert mathematical expressions into your documents.

StackEdit is a web-based markdown editor that is easy to use and comes with a wide variety of layouts and themes. It is a good tool for content writers as it features a spell-checker, auto-complete, and sync with Google Drive or DropBox. It also lets you publish articles in both markdown and.html formats. The StackEdit app even integrates with several popular platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

StackEdit supports markdown, HTML, and other popular formats. Its powerful idea management features let you organize your ideas in a visually-oriented environment. You can also post your finished article in markdown or HTML, and adjust the formatting using the underscore template engine. There are a few other features in StackEdit that make it an excellent choice for content writers. Once you’ve set up an account, you can use it to publish your finished content on your website or blog.


One of the most important parts of content writing is research. Using tools such as InLinks can help you organize your research materials and create compelling content. The keyword suggestion tool will suggest related keywords based on the quality of your content. You can even seed your keywords by using Wikipedia’s definition. InLinks’ keyword suggestions will also include synonyms, related topics, and questions. It’s important to know what words or phrases are most popular with your audience to attract more readers.

Typewrite is a fantastic tool for writers. This software will automatically format your content as you type, saving you time and effort. It also syncs with Dropbox, so you can collaborate with other writers or editors. The program has a number of features that make it an essential tool for content writers. Here are some of the most useful tools you can use to improve your writing:

Google Search Console. It is free to use and helps you understand how your content performs in Google searches. You can use it for research, planning, and performance measurement. With its powerful keyword tool, you can analyze the performance of your content in terms of clicks and impressions. The search engine optimization tool even gives you keyword suggestions based on the results of your research. You can use InLinks to improve your content ranking by creating more internal links.


The main benefit of CoSchedule is its project management capability. It allows you to set the ideal social sharing schedule for any blog post. Once set up, you can apply this schedule to every blog post and maximize traffic. You can also apply social templates to campaigns. These templates allow you to publish content on any social media channel without having to do any manual work. There are some downsides to using CoSchedule, though.

The content calendar is a handy place to organize your workday. It makes it easy to see upcoming deadlines, prioritize tasks and brainstorm ideas. It also has a checkbox to mark completed tasks. It also displays the percentage of completed tasks for each task. You can use CoSchedule as a best tool for content writer to manage their workflow. The content calendar in CoSchedule allows you to set deadlines for each task.

If you’re looking for a content calendar that will let you see what you’ve written, CoSchedule’s headline analyzer is an excellent place to start. Using this tool, you can see how much space your headline takes up. By following the suggested length guidelines, you can maximize your chance of success with your content creation. There are some benefits to using CoSchedule as a best tool for content writer


A content writer’s toolbox should include several applications to help with their work. Evernote, for example, can help them gather ideas quickly and manage them. This app can also help them collaborate with clients and share information across various social media platforms. Once they’ve written content, they can share it via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Evernote has many features that can help a content writer, including a customizable introduction and several time slots to schedule content.

Another helpful feature of Ilys is its ability to save individual writing sessions and stories in a single document. The tool’s dashboard allows writers to access each writing session and review it later. Once they’re done, the entire session or story can be downloaded. Another great feature of Ilys is that it lives in the cloud, which means that a content writer can work on different computers and access their work from anywhere.

Another helpful tool for a content writer is the Headline Analyzer, which scores the quality of your headline. This tool is useful for generating more focused content by removing unnecessary words. Another feature is its plagiarism checker, which can identify duplicate content and improve the article’s search engine optimization value. The tool also lets you see a detailed report on how many people shared your content. A good headline is crucial to the success of your content.


The free version of Trello is good enough for basic management of your content marketing. It is highly addictive, so you may want to upgrade to the paid version if you use the tool on a regular basis. You can use Trello to organize your work and manage your time, or you can also try Asana, a similar project management software. There are other options as well, such as Harvest, which allows you to integrate other programs with Trello.

To create lists and organize content, use Trello’s list card-based system. You can create categories for specific topics, and create separate cards for each post or article. Then, you can re-arrange the cards as necessary. In this way, you can keep track of a variety of tasks at once, and you don’t have to retype information if you move some cards around.

The main account area of Trello includes a Members tab and Settings. The workspace table lets you view tasks from multiple Boards. You can use this feature to track the progress of several projects at once, such as an email newsletter, blog, or newsletter. In fact, you can connect several workspaces to a single account, so you can easily access all your projects from anywhere. If you’re not sure which board is right for your business, check out Trello’s free trial.