How to Be a Content Writer With No Experience

If you’re an unemployed college graduate looking for a new career, the great news is that you don’t need industry experience to become a content writer. This competitive field offers many opportunities for those with little or no previous experience, and it’s an excellent choice for self-motivated students who are not quite ready to leave the academic setting. However, you must be prepared to dedicate some time to learning the necessary skills.

Starting small

There are a variety of ways to start as a content writer without experience, from starting small and applying to freelance writing companies to joining a content mill. While not as well-paid as the work of a star content writer, content mills offer writers a chance to hone their skills and improve their writing abilities for a variety of topics and industries. For writers with no experience, content mills are a great way to gain confidence and experience working under deadlines and with editors.

The first step in starting as a content writer with no experience is to identify the topics that you are passionate about. Once you’ve chosen a niche, start writing content for clients that will appeal to your target audience. Content writing projects can be as diverse as product descriptions to blog posts. Content writers can write about all sorts of topics, including tech, finance, and business. There are a variety of opportunities to write about – and there’s no need to be an expert in all of them!

Another option is to find clients directly, which can take more time and effort. This will avoid the middleman, and give you more control over the process. The price of a content farm may go up and clients will search for cheaper options elsewhere. If you don’t have a network of clients, creating a professional author profile is a great way to get your name out there. Include a professional profile picture and describe your writing skills.

Social media

Those who don’t have experience in writing for social media will need to build a portfolio of articles and posts and pitch them to recruiters. Social media captions and articles are good examples of content creation, and employers seek content writers with experience creating engaging stories. To get started, build your profile and start posting on a regular basis. Make sure to use the hashtag #beacontentwriter to showcase your writing talent.

Finding a website looking for content writers

If you don’t have any writing experience, you can still find a paying job by using one of the many sites that offer freelance writing jobs. One popular site is Working In Content. It has more than 100,000 writers who produce high-quality content. Some have experience with major brands like Home Depot, Uber, and CVS. They have professional standards and work in many industries, including SEO, so you can be confident that you’ll deliver top-notch content. You can find a full-time role, freelance or contract work, and even apply for a newsletter that lets you know about new writing opportunities.

Other websites that offer freelance writing jobs have several features to keep you busy. You can post your writing portfolio and samples on the website. These agencies keep your information on file and contact you periodically with new opportunities. Another great option is to join a writing agency. These sites connect writers with businesses who need content written for their website. This way, you’ll have access to a variety of industries. And if you’re not sure what industry to start with, you can also join a network of writers and submit your writing samples.

One of the best websites to find writing jobs for beginners is Indeed. These sites offer freelance writing jobs, and you can submit your resume directly. You can also check JournalismJobs, which specializes in journalism, but you can find content writing jobs on this site, as well. MediaBistro is another site that lists job opportunities for both entry-level and experienced writers. You can set up alerts to be notified when a new job is posted.

Choosing between hourly or per job rate

If you are a content writer with no experience, the decision between an hourly and per job rate may seem complicated. Unlike other professions, writers don’t earn the same on each job. In fact, many companies charge by the word. Choosing a per job rate is an essential decision for any freelancer, because it will help you determine how much time you spend on each project. However, be aware that some tasks are more time-consuming than others. To make sure you’re charging the correct amount, you’ll need to measure your productivity over a period of days. Generally, heavy-effort pieces take longer than lighter-effort pieces, so you’ll want to know how long it takes you to complete a task.

For instance, a per-job rate can be more lucrative for you than an hourly one, because you’ll get more exposure and a better portfolio. Additionally, it’s easier to negotiate a higher hourly rate with a per-project rate, but the risks of scope creep are significant. The downside of hourly rates is that they may be less attractive for clients in the long run, so you’ll have to be willing to accept lower prices if they’re willing to pay you based on the number of sales you generate.

Hourly rates are usually higher than per-word rates, as experience is correlated with years of experience. A high-end writer can prove their skills by delivering results, such as landing pages that drive sales, blog posts that reach the top of Google, and emails with impressive open rates. Similarly, a per-word rate will cost a novice a small amount compared to a high-end writer.

Creating a writer’s website

You can use a writing platform such as Medium to find freelance writing opportunities. Medium has a partner program, which allows you to be paid for articles that are popular. Before you create your own website, however, you should create one for your freelance writing business. A website screams professionalism and credibility. A website will be trusted more than a shop without a website or testimonials. People will be more likely to trust a writer with their website than an inexperienced one.