How to Write Great Email Subject Lines

When creating a subject line, keep these three things in mind: make it personal, short and direct, and use action-oriented words. Avoid using words such as free, cash, winner, time-limited officer, deal, or time-limited. Maintain a sense of mystery by using personal information, such as the recipient’s first name. Provide value in your email, and you’ll have more success in creating a catchy subject line.

Avoid words like free, cash, winner, time-limited officer, and deal

When writing email subject lines, avoid using words like “free” or “cash.” These terms are inflammatory, and the average recipient may not even open your message. Words like “deal” and “free” will also be treated as spam. Using dates in your subject line increases your open rate. But be careful not to use too many dates. These words are often associated with email floods. Using the date of your email in your subject line will increase your open rate by as much as 50%.

Try to keep your subject line to 40 characters or less. A subject line with 40 characters or less is easier for your prospects to scan on a smartphone. You also don’t want your email to go straight to spam because it contains too many words. You should also avoid using words like free, cash, prize, or time-limited. You should also avoid using all caps and multiple exclamation marks.

Use action-oriented words

The best email subject lines leverage vanity. They promise to make your subscribers look better and invoke a fear of being judged. They offer great deals. Sales and discounts are especially effective in email subject lines. These actions are likely to increase your open rate. These are just a few ways to create great email subject lines. Try one of these methods today. You may be surprised at how effective they can be!

In writing an email subject line, the first CTA the recipient sees is the subject. It should be eye-catching and entice them to open the email and read the rest of the email. If possible, use action-oriented words and phrases to draw attention and keep the recipient interested. If a person is not interested in your content, you should avoid using the phrase “do you have a sec?” It is too generic and vague.

Maintain a sense of mystery

Whenever writing email subject lines, you want to pique the curiosity of your audience. The more mystery you can create, the higher your open rate. You also want to avoid sounding like clickbait, as this makes your email seem spammy. This article will go over a few tips for writing intriguing email subject lines. You can also find inspiration from real stories and see how other marketers use them to make their emails more interesting.

One of the most effective ways to create a compelling subject line is to use scarcity or urgency. Scarcity and limited time encourage people to act, while limited availability creates a sense of FOMO. This makes it harder for your prospects to ignore your emails, so make sure your subject lines are limited in character count and formatted for mobile devices. One-word subject lines also create an air of urgency, which will help your email be opened by more recipients.

Provide value

One of the best ways to engage your audience is through the use of curiosity-inspiring email subject lines. People are naturally curious about the content of emails, and a compelling email subject line will encourage them to open your message. This method is also known as A/B testing. You can try out alternative subject lines and see which one generates the highest open and clickthrough rates. Then, make a decision on which one to use.

Use action verbs when writing your subject line. Including action words in the subject line will encourage your subscribers to click through your email. Also, remember to include a preview text. This text will appear next to the subject line under the sender’s name. This will help your readers to decide whether to open or delete your email. This will also increase your open rate and sales. Remember, your subject line is the gateway to your email’s success, so make sure it’s compelling and packed with value.